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It's been a long time, shouldn't have left I got into a newspaper AGAIN!

I haven't blogged for a while. It's not because there isn't anything to blog about. It has been crazy since I got back from New York City. So many things have happened that have affected me. From the whole Situation of Ferguson in America to me going through the same old internal battles of if I should quit the music biz or not to more happier things like finishing off recording SIDE B of PLTFRM SE7EN. It has been a very interesting time.

I got into the newspaper again. I did a Student Of Life workshop in Colchester and this time (just like the 4 times I've done it before) it was to fuse learning German and using rap and performance skills to make it a fun experience.

I got to perform at a legendary club called 606 which is in chelsea. I was live with Joy Rose who is one of the most amazing singers from the UK. She has toured with Sting, Incognito and Billy Ocean etc. That was actually an awesome experience. 

The radio shows I do which are "The Writer's Block" and "Hip Hop Sessions" have been going great. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I do 2 radio shows on a gospel radio station. I understand it is a specialist radio station online which is super duper niche. I try my best to make them relevant and broaden the programming to make people who wouldn't normally tune in feel included. It is very easy to underestimate the reach of the shows and it also easy to assume that everyone is knowledgeable about the kind of music I play. I also think to myself if someone tuned in for the 1st time would they connect? I hope they do.

Below you can find a shows which I edited and used for  my "Oddcast" which I had been thinking of cancelling. The oddcast is the Hip Hop Sessions show which featured Tor Cesay and special guest co-host Sabrina.

first of all here is a little video that shows a bit of how it went down when Tor Cesay was on Hip Hop Sessions 

Here is the full podcast featuring artist Tor Cesay and guest co-host Sabrina

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